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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mr. Hori, who is a Magician and a Social worker by the profession is a young member of HBS in Japan. I first met him last year in Fukuoka while we were attending the 3rd Youth Session of HBS. There he donated us a box of Ojuzu(Praying beads) for Sri Lankan members. Recently he contacted me over the phone saying that he met some Sri Lankans running a restaurant in his hometown Kumamoto. Kumamoto is a remote prefecture located in the Kyushu island of Japan.

Mr. Hori wanted me to explain these Sri Lankans about HBS and its teachings. So he invited me to Kumamoto. Accordingly I had a flight from Haneda and arrived in Kumamoto on the night of 30th June.

In kumamoto there is a HBS temple named Chokunji. It is one of the largest
HBS temples. There are about 50 residing priests living there. I had the
opportunity to visit this temple on 1st of July. It was the Monthly Oko Meeting
in Chokunji. The head priest of Chokunji temple and I had meet previously
in Sri Lanka. He greeted me on my arrival and presented me with a Chokunji memorial
gift pack. It was a great Oko meeting and the hall was filled with members. I was
very much moved by the chanting session. There were about 40 priests including
Odoshi and the head priest. Chokunji is really a great temple.

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